• Addiction

    Do you want to get your life back? Call us.

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  • Methadone

    An effective treatment for addiction to opioids.

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  • Pain

    Break the Pain Cycle

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  • Counselling

    Wellbeings offers a range of counselling.

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  • Wellbee Locking Medication Boxes

    Safeguard your prescription medications.

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Introducing Wellbeings

Wellbeings is a pain management and opioid dependency clinic unique in Halton Region, that opened its doors in 2010.

There is hope!


Wellbeings® President Peggi Shepherd DeGroote shows the two sizes of medication lock boxes that were specifically designed to secure medications at home, at work or school and even while travelling. Wellbeings® President Peggi DeGroote offers a secure solution to medication storage for families. Peggi has been involved in the fields of pain and Opioid Use Continue Reading