Back to School is a great time to review the safe storage of medications in your home!

Wellbeings® President Peggi Shepherd DeGroote shows the two sizes of medication lock boxes that were specifically designed to secure medications at home, at work or school and even while travelling.

Wellbeings® President Peggi DeGroote offers a secure solution to medication storage for families.

Peggi has been involved in the fields of pain and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) 10 years, operating a medical clinic which has restored quality of life for over 1500 people to date.

“Through our extensive experience with OUD and pain management we have come to realize the dangers of having strong, in fact any, medications in the home that are not secured. We know that thousands of teens take parents or grandparents prescription medications from home. We know that small children are curious by nature and easily tempted to put things in their mouths especially since pills can look like candy - or if they’ve seen adults taking them.”

That’s why I have introduced a unique and secure medications lock box to the marketplace. The Wellbeings® Medication Lock Box was developed to provide secure storage and optimal safety with a new and improved lock. We encourage every parent and even grandparents to make sure their medications are available only to the person to whom they are prescribed.

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