There is hope!

Wellbeings® President Peggi Shepherd DeGroote shows the two sizes of medication lock boxes that were specifically designed to secure medications at home, at work or school and even while travelling. Wellbeings® President Peggi DeGroote offers a secure solution to medication storage for families. Peggi has been involved in the fields of pain and Opioid Use Continue Reading

Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Ontario. It kills 13,000 Ontarians each year. Annually it costs the health care system $1.6 billion, with at least 500,000 days spent in hospital because of smoking related illness, and $4.4 billion in lost productivity.

Introducing Wellbeings

Wellbeings is a pain management and opioid dependency clinic unique in Halton Region, that opened its doors in 2010.