Break the Cycle of Pain

Wellbeings offers a unique and effective alternative to traditional solutions. One of the innovative treatments offered is called IntraMuscular Infiltration (IMI) injections. This allows the affected muscles to relax, allowing blood to flow again to the muscle and promote rapid, long-term recovery. The treatments are an extremely effective solution for almost all types of pain, including:

Migraines - Knee Pain - Pelvic Pain - Low Back Pain - Neck Pain - Many other types of Pain

Over 80% of pain is muscular, or myofascial. IntraMuscular (IMI) injections can significantly reduce or eliminate almost all myofascial pain. It's simple, safe, and it really works - in most cases, after just a few treatments.

There's no need to wait

If your pain has lasted four weeks or longer, you've probably tried other therapies with limited success. A consultation with one of our physicians at Wellbeings will determine whether we can help. If you have been in pain for at least one month (your body should heal itself in this time) come and see how our doctors can help before your pain becomes chronic (6 months).

Due to COVID-19 and the advent of telephone consultations instead of in-person initial consultations, this has had a dramatic effect on how quickly we are able to see new patients.  We are so very sorry for this and ask for your co-operation during this difficult time for all of us.  In an effort to reduce wait times, our medical director, Dr. Michael Boucher, may see patients at his location in Burlington at Burlington Pain Care.  There’s no need to re-submit the referral paperwork a we work in tandem with their clinic in order to ensure more timely access to care.   Thank you in advance for your patienc

And remember, all medical services are covered by OHIP.

Integrated approach to pain free living

Wellbeings has a team of health care professionals, including Physicians, Pharmacists and Counsellors. We provide a comprehensive program that includes medical assessments, counselling, and treatments. In addition, recommendations for additional care, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise, massage or cold laser therapy may also be suggested to maintain the improvements you experience after treatment.

What does Wellbeings offer?

Wellbeings Pain Management and Dependency Clinic is a medical facility specializing in the multidisciplinary treatment of acute and chronic pain. Some of the physicians also offer treatments for opioid addiction. Our approach to pain management and addiction is comprehensive and it incorporates physical, psychological and pharmacological rehabilitation for everyone who comes to the clinic for help. Our objective is to break the pain cycle or addiction cycle so that people can enjoy a pain-free and/or addiction-free life. Education and counselling are fundamental components of our program.

A multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain management and/or opioid addiction.

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