Checking In On You

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our health, economic well-being, how we socialize and communicate as well as how we conduct business. At Wellbeings we are proud to serve our community and appreciate your patience, trust and willingness to adapt to our operational changes these last few months. 

The Power of Community

We’re humbled that many of you shared your positive experiences with us in emails, phone calls, on social media and with your family and friends.  Establishing and maintaining relationships with our patients is our highest priority and is what drives us every day.  Knowing we serve you and acting as as a support to you in these difficult times has been the motivation and reason for us to continue.

A Culture of Sharing

We recently added an art installation to our Burlington office. It is called the “Blank Canvas” and was inspired by a painting done by a local artist titled “Dance in the Rain Lily”. We believe it is very fitting during these times.⁣

We have had some incredible feedback as people interpret it in their own way and we have been hoping to share the message because we believe that ‘it is up to you to paint the picture of your new day’.⁣ You can see the art installation on our new Instagram page here.

We are here for you...

We want to assure you we’ll continue to be here to serve and assist you in good times and in bad.  Thank you again for your understanding and patience with us through this difficult time.  As always we remain committed to empowering and supporting our neighbors, team, and community. 

If you know someone who is trying to cope during these difficult times with opioids, alcohol or other drugs, we're here to help.  The person needs to make the first step to ask for help and then we’re here to walk the journey with them to help.  If you or someone you know would like some help, we’re here to help! Please call and make an appointment.

Stay safe, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

-The Wellbeings Team






Written by webdev