Ketamine and Psychotherapy Treatment

A Revolutionary Ketamine and Psychotherapy Treatment for Pain and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) utilizing Proprietary Treatment Protocols for AUD licensed from Awakn™ Life Sciences by Wellbeings®.

Are you a front-line worker such as a Physician, Nurse, or other Allied Health Care Professional? * 

Are you a first responder? Are you a Veteran, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, or Paramedic? *  

Do you know someone who would benefit from drinking less or not at all and would benefit from pain treatments? *

There is a new treatment available at Wellbeings for pain and AUD. During COVID and beyond, many front-line workers and first responders have suffered greatly and have been negatively affected because they have gone the extra mile to help others. They are here to “serve” in their professional life and now it’s our turn to serve them back and give them life changing treatments* that can revive their zest for living, quality of life (QoL) and reduce pain and drinking habits so they can fully participate in their families, relationships, and workplace endeavours. For some people, the treatment will allow them to return to work and that helps build positive self-esteem and supports family life.

Wellbeings now offers treatments using proprietary Intellectual Protocols from Awakn Life Sciences for AUD and this treatment is called “ Awakn KARE”. The results from Awakn Life Sciences were published in 2021 with an 86.4% success rate 6-months post treatment where there was no relapse for drinking alcohol!

To read the results yourself, here’s the link to the American Journal of Psychiatry, January 2021. Current results from 2024, having thousand of more people through the program are still showing a whopping 75% of people not drinking at all 6-months post treatment.

  • The treatments are available for all people who meet the intake criteria. The treatments are not covered by OHIP but may be covered by your Health Insurance Third-Party Carrier or through your HR Benefits at work.
  • Self-Pay is also an option.

The initial Intake Assessment, to see if you may be eligible for the treatment program, is covered by OHIP.

Isn’t it time you took care of yourself and got the healing you’re looking for to enjoy life again?

Your GP or specialist can refer you for the pain program, but you can also seek help directly at Wellbeings for any substance use disorders (SUD’s) including alcohol, opioids, and any other drugs or medications you’d like to reduce consumption or remove from your life, to help you regain your life on a positive note so you can enjoy life again. If you’re not at work, and on disability, maybe you’ll find that you can go back to work too after successful treatments!

We are here to help, and all services are discreet, personalized and everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. We also expect that our staff and health care providers will receive the same respect from you. We’re here to help.

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