“I want my life back”

At Wellbeings®, we understand that addictions can take over your life.

We know how family, work and friends can be impacted.

We can help you get your life back!

Wellbeings offers treatment and counselling to people suffering from addictions. We help those struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) including Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), prescription medications, and non-prescription drugs. We also treat Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)for those who have experienced pain and have over-used opioids.

We follow a ‘Patient First’ approach in assessing needs. At Wellbeings, there is no One-Size-Fits-All. Our medical team plans individual treatment programs for each of our patients. Wellbeings offers many effective medication options that can reduce craving, limit withdrawal symptoms, and help to protect against overdose.

We offer treatment that is discreet and private. There are different ways of treating addictions. At Wellbeings, we combine counselling, with the use of medications to reduce addictive habits*. Research shows that combining counselling with medications yields better results than using either approach alone.

Our outpatient treatment, appointment-only

process ensures you can continue your day-to-day lifestyle

while addressing your addiction concerns.

If you are struggling with addiction call Wellbeings at 905-631-9355 to book an appointment with a physician for an in-clinic assessment or visit the clinic during our RAAM hours.

*to understand more about the medications we use at Wellbeings to help you control your addiction, please see our Medication page